Jige @ Tsukiji, Tokyo

This blog post is quite bloody. We are going to eat like Flintstones. Jige at Tsujiki is a Kushiyaki Sake Bar, but their claimed to fame was their serving of Bone-in Tuna Sashimi called Maguro Nakaochi (鮪中落ち). Advertisements

Sumika Ginza @ Tokyo

Another drinking hole in Ginza that served great Yakitori, or when they don’t just specialized in chicken, Kushiyaki.

Toriyoshi Akasaka @ Tokyo

Going to a yakitori restaurant after a hard day in the office was often the highlight of my trips to Tokyo. Toriyoshi Akasaka (there were many Toriyoshi, some were on the Michelin guide) was recommended by a good friend of mine. It did not disappoint.

Torihiko とり彦 @ Meguro, Tokyo

とり彦 The establishment did not allow photos of the place so you have to take my words for it. The room was filled with a soft, non intrusive background music of jazz classics. The chef (and the owner) danced to the rhythm of the Jazz, fanning the whiffs of smoke and controlling the temperature of…

Sansui Sumiyaki & Bar @ One Fullerton

The waterfront around Merlion park has been transformed by the billion dollar makeover initiated by the Government, making the Marina Bay area my favourite destination to entertain. Proximity to my office helps, but it is a wide variety of choices available around the bay that surprised me. Sansui Sumiyaki was one of the first to…

Satsuma Shochu @ Gallery Hotel

Yakitori bar is a favourite destination for a quick after-work bite and drink with its bite-size skewers of delicious food and a selection of sake and shochu. The beginning in Singapore started with a few eateries in Little Tokyo (Cuppage Centre), with the oldest a chicken-only Yakitori bar, and later Kazu. Then, more sprung up,…