Sichuan Dou Hua @ Beach Road

It was famous for the long-spout tea ceremony, where the tea server will pour the hot water into your tea cup miles away. These days, it just serves good quality, reasonably priced Sichuan food that is not crazy spicy.

Alter Ego @ Esplanade

Alter Ego is the second self of A Poke Theory, dishing out Hawaiian poke bowls by day, craft beer & unapologetically sinful bar grub by night. Situated on Esplanade’s waterfront, it’s a sweet spot to knock back IPAs under the stars, to an unrivalled view of the Marina Bay.

Blanco Court Prawn Mee @ Bugis

I work around this area and finding a good place for lunch is always important every lunch time. Blanco Court Prawn Mee was one of the better ones around here.

Les Amis @ Orchard

Les Amis has been tour de force among the French gastronomy establishment in Singapore. For me, I knew it not only for its classical French cooking, but its impeccable service. And what better place to spend an important evening with the family. (Updated after they have got their Michelin stars.)

Cast Iron @ Duo Galleria

Duo Galleria stood at the latest residential development that was created as a result of the barter trade between two governments over historic railway track lands that the British built during the colonial times. It is now 51-49 owned by the two governments through the vessel company M+S, now prize for guessing what M and…

El Mero Mero @ CHIJMES

El Mero Mero (which means ‘the go-to guy’ in Mexican lingo) is situated in a Catholic convent that has been converted into a go-to place for drinks and entertainment (figuratively speaking, heaven to hell). Very split review, but I think mainly because Singaporeans are not exposed to the fine dining of Mexico.

Ah Orh @ Jln Bukit Merah

One of the stewards of Teochew food in Singapore, Ah Orh was famous for the expensive cars that used to park here in the evenings for their supper services. These were automobiles owned by Teochew towkays that gathered often for their late night fixes.

Hokkien Noodles 福建面

One of the family favourite. Simple to cook, but a lot of preparation. Labour of love, but well worth the effort. Fried Hokkien Noodles 福建炒虾面 材料 材料分炒料、高汤料(看【虾面高汤】部分),分量大概是4人份。 主炒料: 250g 油面(热水汆烫半熟) 250g 粗米粉(热水汆烫半熟) 1 kg 虾肉(虾壳留下熬汤) 350g/1条 墨鱼 (Sotong) 250g 肥五花肉一整块(去皮) 500g 排骨(隨意) 200g 豆芽 200g 韭菜 (Chives)或 通心菜(Kangkong) 750ml 蝦高汤 3颗 大(75g+)鸡蛋(如果普通70g鸡蛋,需要4颗) 1大汤匙 蒜蓉 (大概8瓣的量,磨碎)…

Adrift by David Myers @ MBS

ADRIFT by David Myers is a modern take on the vibrant Izakaya. Adrift’s flavour-forward menu includes small plates, healthy salads, seafood, and meats grilled over bincho charcoal on a traditional robata grill.

Etna @ Duxton

Etna is taken after Italy’s most iconic volcano, the name ETNA also reflects the wordly renowned excellent produce and finest ingredients from the Sicily region. The name is also a clever play of representing the restaurant’s pride and focus on delivering truly Italian hospitality, recognizing that Every Table Needs Attention.