Wang Bao He 王寶和 @ Shanghai

As they said in Shanghai, “內行人吃螃蟹,外行人看熱鬧”. Hairy crabs are an acquired taste. You work so hard at getting a little crab meat. But when at the rest season, the roe and eggs you get from these crab are out of this world.

Mei Family Banquet @ Beijing

What can you do for a group of folks that has everything? A really good meal that reminded them of home. When Mei Lan Fang threw a banquet for his fans which consisted of the who’s who in Beijing, he can only offered the best cuisine from his beloved home in Suzhou.

Hangzhou “Pop-Up” @ Four Seasons

JiangNanChun in Four Seasons Hotel invited Chef Wang Yong from Four Seasons Hangzhou to “pop-up” here for a limited time only display of specialty Hangzhou/Shanghai cuisine. Chef Wang Yong hailed from the newly opened Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake. Within his first year there, the hotel’s Jin Sha restaurant was awarded one of…

紅豆食府 Red Bean Shanghai

This restaurant is famous on 2 things: the daughter of the owner is married to  a very prominent Taiwanese politician, and they served very good Shanghainese food.