Yok Yor – Thai Food Factory @ Sydney

Sydney is a migration city. From the first British convicts and their carers, to the recent influx of Mainland Chinese and Eastern Europeans, each group brought their culinary finest and memories of home with them. Unlike the Chinese and Tex-Mex restaurants in US, these are authentic renditions of hometown favourites. One of the most exportable tastes,…

Public Dining Room @ Balmoral Beach

Located at Balmoral Beach in Sydney, the Public Dining Room is quite an exclusive dining place that does not conjure up the image of a rowdy, beachside casual dining room as the name suggested. Instead it was a quiet place for couples, special family gatherings, and in my case, a place for some quiet business…

Bluewater Cafe @ Manly Beach

Seaside cafe at Manly Beach. Because of the built-up around the cafe, it no longer can claimed to be beach facing. More pub grub than seafood or restaurant fare. Good choices of beer though.

Hanuman @ Darwin

Raining heavily due to Cyclone Nathan. Luckily this restaurant next to Doubletree Hilton in Darwin wasn’t too bad. Thai decor but served Indian food! A few Thai influenced dishes like Pad Thai and Tom Yum. Other than that it’s curries and naans. Conclusion after dinner – this restaurant is more Thai than Indian.

Surprising good Indonesian Eatery in Sydney

On Sussex Street near Goulburn Street in Sydney, there is a very good Indonesian Restaurant. And it’s called “Shalom” – Peace be with you. You will never get a Jewish name for an Indonesian restaurant anywhere else. The owners are Christian Indonesians who have migrated to Australia. The fare is simple Indonesian home-cooked and street…

Doyle’s Seafood @ Watson Bay

Located on the beautiful Watson Bay and a 20min ferry ride from Circular Quay (F7 to North Shores), there’s this little gem called Doyle’s. Once you get to the place, do not get mixed up with their fish and chips stand and a beach club next to it.

Vlado’s @ Melbourne

Another good eat in Melbourne. Very down to earth and relatively reasonably priced.

Mekong Vietnam @ Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne has many immigrants from different ethnicity and typically congregates in their ethnic neighborhoods. But downtown Melbourne, you get many good eats boasting of authentic ethnic flavours like Vietnamese, Greek, Chinese, Italian, Indian and others. Mekong Vietnam features one national dish – Pho!