Tsim Chai Kee 沾仔記 @ Central

Wanton noodles in Hong Kong is like chicken rice in Singapore, it’s so difficult to find one that’s really good, but you can’t really find one that’s really bad as well.

22 Ships @ Wanchai, HK

Jason Atherton is not an unfamiliar name in the culinary world, having earned his first start with Pollen in London. Then he brought his Pollen restaurant to Gardens by the Bay and that was fantastic. 22 Ships was his first outing to Hong Kong, serving Spanish Tapas in a casual setting.

Remaking 西营盘

Sai Ying Pun is located at the Western side of Hong Kong Island. It was a sleepy part of Hong Kong, where many stores sell dried sundry goods that are used in Chinese cooking and medicines. With the extension of the MTR to Sai Ying Pun, a lease of life is injected to the precinct…

Pop-Up Hello Kitty

Tucked inside the Wanchai Star Ferry Terminal is this Japanese fish market. HK Tsukiji Yamataka sells fresh imports from Tsukiji market. This week in May, they had another guest from Japan on her 42nd birthday – Hello Kitty.

Kurotaki 黑瀧板蕎麥專門店 @ Hong Kong

Set lunches are the best value-for-money way to savour the best of some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong can offer. And then there are the “professional” set lunch places that also cater to the budget-constrianed diners. Kurotaki offers value set lunches (and dinners). It’s a soba specialist store, so be aware that everything…

Kani-ya Crab and Teppanyaki @ Hong Kong

Snow Crab was in season and we found a place in CWB that served an all-crab-feast. The crab was served in all style imaginable – raw, steamed, cold, grilled, in Shabu-shabu. All parts of the crab was served without waste.

Kum Gao Kei 金九記 @ HK

Seafood in Hong Kong IMHO is the best in the world. Not only do they have the variety due to the central location among the producers in the regions plus an excellent logistics hub that bring in the delicious morsels from faraway lands, the cooks in Hong Kong have always never fail to excite me…

Joy Hing @ Wanchai, HK

Hong Kong is the de facto food capital of the world and when they introduced Michelin stars in Hong Kong and Macau, many critics were up in arms. How do you grade an outlet like Joy Hing?