Straits Cafe @ Rendezvous Hotel

Located within Rendezvous Hotel Singapore and established since 1998, Straits Café offers a myriad of local and international fare with strong focus on cuisines from the Straits Settlement. And I would say this is the most value for money buffet in town.

The Laksa War

Katong laksa is a generic term given to a type of coconut curry-based laksa that originated from a store along East Coast Road. There were many variations of the Katong laksa, and tracing the origins has become quite complicated.

Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat @ Beach Road

In Golden Mile Complex, there are many mookata eateries. But before all these mookatas was Thien Kee, who was one of the first restaurant here and famous for steamboat. Later, everyone talks about their chicken rice. So is this place famous for Hainanese chicken rice or steamboat?

My favourite HK breakfast

I am a frequent visitor of Hong Kong – my favourite city in the world. And whenever I visit, I would not include hotel breakfast because I know where I would be going for breakfast.

Violet Oon Kitchen @ National Gallery

While Malcolm Lee’s rendition of Peranakan food at Candlenut breaks away from tradition, Violet Oon serves the classics done right. The recipes have not been trifled with, so you get dishes like ayam buah keluak, beef rendang and babi pong tay excatly as they should be. That’s not to say she doesn’t play around every…

Dry Laksa a la Violet Oon

Peranakan recipes are known to be a labour of love due to their extensive preparation methods, but help comes in the form of modern technology. For example, using a food processor instead of a pestle and mortar to make rempah. However, a food processor’s motored blades tend to grind and cut unevenly. To get around…

Open Farm Community @ Minden

Located among Minden Cluster of the old British barracks in Tanglin Hill was a gem of a place called Open Farm Community. What they sell was “from farm to table”. Except for the some vegetables and spices, nothing else was from their on-site farm.

Wee Nam Kee @ Novena

Wee Nam Kee was one of the bastions of Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore. Their shop opposite Novena Church was the favourite among my generation, including the famous singer Kit Chan.

Blanco Court Prawn Mee @ Bugis

I work around this area and finding a good place for lunch is always important every lunch time. Blanco Court Prawn Mee was one of the better ones around here.