Estado Puro @ Xintiandi, Shanghai

I was craving for Spanish Tapas for Lunch – simple, easy, satisfying, single servings. Eat as much, or as little as your heart or your stomach desire. It’s difficult to find a good Tapas bar in China. Maybe contemporary tapas from Spanish celebrity chef and molecular gastronomy proselytizer Paco Roncero called Estado Puro may cut…

FOC @ Hong Kong Street

Hong Kong Street (HKS) is one of the small, parallel streets criss-crossing two main thoroughfares of South Bridge Road and New Bridge Road. Once a dingy, dirty street with many dry goods 海味 shops only frequented by restaurant owners buying ingredients for their shops, and home to a very famous street side tzechar store called…

22 Ships @ Wanchai, HK

Jason Atherton is not an unfamiliar name in the culinary world, having earned his first start with Pollen in London. Then he brought his Pollen restaurant to Gardens by the Bay and that was fantastic. 22 Ships was his first outing to Hong Kong, serving Spanish Tapas in a casual setting.

22 Ships @ Hong Kong

Tapas bar by Jason Atherton. Found in a really non-describe neighborhood in Wanchai. Make a trip there if you must.

Dinner at Salt Tapas & Bar by Luke Mangan

4 May, 2014 Good tapas bars are hard to come by, especially in Singapore. Most tapas bars are Spanish restaurant in disguise. Few really serve tapas as the main offering. We were encourage by the bar concept of Salt Tapas & Bar by Luke Mangan, since tapas as bar food really were a match in…

Serenity @ VivoCity

I always thought this restaurant was called Serendipity due to a movie of the same that came out the same year it was opened. It was a pretty expensive Spanish tapas bar and restaurant back then as there were so few of them around. You can only get the whole Suckling Pig by special order….

Postales @ The Westin GPO Sydney

In a recent trip to Sydney, I chanced upon this hole in the wall inside The Westin that served a decent tapas. Usually I do not eat in the hotel, but arriving late and tired, I decided not to venture far. Freshly-shucked oysters sounded good so I decided to walk in.

Don Quijote @ Dempsey

Recently I have this craving for Spanish tapas and have been to a few – one in SAM and one in Vivo. Don Quijote is in Dempsey cluster, among the old barracks of CMPB. I thought this one served a la carte Spanish fare, but it turned out to serve Sunday lunch buffet of tapas…

Spanish Fares @ SAM Via Mar

A Spanish restaurant nested in Singapore Art Museum, Via Mar is one of the few tapas bar in town. With such high accolades given to Spanish chefs and cuisine, I am surprised by the lack of numbers as well as quality in terms of Spanish restaurants in Singapore. Via Mar, fortunately, is not one of…

Serenity Spanish Bar @ VivoCity

What do you think of when Spanish cuisine is mentioned? Tapas and Paella downed with liberal amount of Sangria. And you need to have the classic octopus dishes with the tapas with chorizo or Spanish pork sausages that is almost the equivalent in saltness in terms of our Lap Cheong (preserved Chinese sausage) but packed…