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Ham & Sherry is a modern ‘bodega’ hidden in Hong Kong, that is conveniently home to Asia’s largest sherry list and aged Spanish hams. A space that lends itself just as nicely for catching up over a quick glass of wine, as it does for a full tapas feast.

From the same team that brought you 22 Ships, Ham and Sherry lays claim to Asia’s largest sherry list with over 50 varieties and styles, as well as aged Spanish hams and a wide selection of rustic Spanish dishes perfect for sharing.

Ham & Sherry’s menu is an expanse of celebrated and rustic Spanish dishes, including Charcuteria, Conservas and of course, Crème Catalan to finish.

Charcuteria – 24 maths Jamón Serrano

24 maths Jamón Serrano

Nobody can resist good Spanish ham. It was well preserved as the ham has not dried out or worse, became oily and musky. It tasted just like it supposed to be – directly shaved off a nice leg of nice a la minute.

Canned mussels

Canned mussels

The best dish for the evening, and it came out of cane.

Signatures – Octopus, potato, chili, coriander

Octopus, potato, chili, coriander

You cannot get this wrong in a tapas restaurant, and they did. The octopus was chewy and dry.

Para Picar – Smoked sardine, sourdough

Smoked sardine, sourdough

This was quite good. Smoked and salted sardines on toast. Could do with a sauce, but the savoury and fatty sardines carried the dish.

Brussels sprouts, Jamón Ibérico

Brussels sprouts, Jamón Ibérico

They boiled their sprouts before they cooked it with the ham. Not nice.

Crab croquettes

Crab croquettes

NIce, but cold. Was it supposed to be served cold?

Patata Brava

Patata Brava

A disappointment – the potatoes were cold and soggy.

Courgette flower, goat’s cheese, honey

Courgette flower, goat’s cheese, honey

Signature – Seafood paella, chili, piquillo pepper

Seafood paella, chili, piquillo pepper

A complete disaster, the paella came out cold. The rice has not absorbed the flavours of the seafood and there was no bite. You can see that it was prepared in another pan and then transferred onto this serving pan.

Dessert – Churros, chocolate sauce

Churros, chocolate sauce

Dessert – Crème Catalan

Crème Catalan
Catalan interiors

With a vibrant, modern Spanish ‘bodega’ ambience with blue and white tiled walls, Ham and Sherry features an open kitchen in the centre with counter seating for diners to watch the chefs in action.

Ham & Sherry at Ship St

Spatially, traditional blue and white tiles dominate inside and out, care of award-winning Shanghai-based architectural design practice, Neri&Hu whom pay homage to Spain’s flamboyant culture and of course, the traditional bodega.

Another stylish restaurant from JIA group that brought to you the 1 star Duddell’s and Louise, Commissary, 22 Ships, and others, Han & Sherry was actually a disappointment. The tapas came cold and rushed. It’s not as if they needed to turn the table, we were one of 4 tables occupied on a slow evening, but everything came almost at once.

The server was really rude. If you are really worried about the virus, then you should be wearing a mask and perhaps not work in the front. She was really impatient, never gave me a chance to complete my requests or question.  I am surprised that it was the same time as 22 Ships, which I really enjoyed. I would actually give Ham & Sherry a miss.

Ham & Sherry
1-7 Ship St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel : +852 2555 0628

Date Visited : Feb 2020

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