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Eating in Icon Siam

There a new mall in Bangkok, and man, it is amazing! A river running through the mall when the Chao Phraya is just outside? Every you want can be found under one roof – street food to Michelin restaurant, handicrafts to haute couture.

Night view from across the river

The 54 billion baht (S$2.28 billion) commercial complex offers glamorous retail stores and attractions. And at 525,000 square metres, it’s about 90 times as big as a football field!

Indoor floating market

Thailand is famous for their floating markets featuring boats with friendly vendors selling a ton of fresh food and goods. IconSiam ups the ante with a floating market — indoors. Think The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, but with friendly vendors hawking their wares in colourful sampans.

A walk through this zone feels like a walk through a commercial district in the South because all buildings are build in a Peranakan style, or what Thais may know as Sino-Portuguese. You’ll also see kolae boats parked by ponds to illustrate the seaside feels that is signature to the South of Thailand, as well over 10 large kites made by kite conservationists from Yala that decorate the ceiling.

Amazing Choices


If you’re on a budget, there are more than 100 restaurants you can choose from. SOOKSIAM is the ultimate destination for both Thais and global gastronomes looking to browse for the best of Thailand, be it arts, crafts, medicine, local wisdom or folk performances. Most certainly, it is also the hub of delicious foods from all 77 provinces across Thailand like Pad Thai Aree.

SOOKSIAM is made up of restaurants that are distinctive and famed from various locales from all regions. There are some eateries that are here for good, while others are on rotation basis so foodies from around the world have something new to get excited over all year round.

ALANGKARN (6th Floor)

Alangkarn dining zone in Iconsiam

One of the most stunning dining zones at ICONSIAM is “Alangkarn” on the 6th floor. Comparable to The Paradise of Eatery, is it distinctly decorated to be eye-catching and to showcase the atmosphere of a Thai farm, which is considered the heart and culture behind Thai food. The Dining Pavilion follows interiors that are semi-hand-crafted, with 10 pavilions designed by 3 leading Thai artists. Dong – Pongsatat Uaiklang has created 5 pavilions out of metal and capitalized on the equipment of farmers. Korakot Aromdee, an artist with expertise with kites, designed 3 pavilions with inspiration coming from grains, which gave birth to pavilions of pumpkin, golden rice grains and huts by the rice fields. Lastly, Pin – Saruta Kiatparkpoom, an artist known for her works with metal, has created 2 pavilions with metal to illustrate silk cocoons and rice storing equipment.

One of the restaurant is Lay Lao, a Thai restaurant with ingredients fresh from Hua Hin. Following their cooking philosophy of “What we cook at home is what we serve at our restaurants to customers,” their outstanding concept is to use fresh ingredients from Hua Hin, sugar from Petchburi, smoke-free charcoal to reduce cancer-causing side effects and chilli and roasted rice that are made fresh every day. Every element to create each dish is meticulously cared for.

You can ride the BTS Gold Line connecting BTS Krung Thonburi to Taksin Hospital. The station’s names are pretty straightforward, so you can just exit at Icon Siam Station (G2).

299 Charoen Nakhon Rd, Khlong Ton Sai, Khlong San, Bangkok 10600, Thailand


Date Visited : Jul 2019

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