L’Atelier de Jöel Robuchon @ Bund 18

  This is not the first time in a Jöel Robuchon for me. I had dined at his L’Atelier in Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore and his flagship Jöel Robuchon in Singapore and Paris. In all these places, the food can only be described with one adjective – decadent. Advertisements

Michelin Shanghai 2017

The first ever Michelin guide for Shanghai was launched with 26 restaurants gaining stars in the first edition in mainland China. What’s with calling it 2017 edition? It’s another 4 months to Auld Lang Syne.

Nanxiang 南翔小笼包 @ Shanghai

I was out for my daily morning walk on a chilly Shanghai morning, I made a detour to Yuyuan from The Bund in search for a breakfast pitstop. 25min later, I came to an empty Yuyuan (7am in the morning) and enjoyed a little sight-seeing without the maddening Chinese crowd. Early bird gets the worm….

Hunan Cuisine 韶山沖 in Shanghai

Shaoshan 韶山, Hunan is famous for 2 things – Chairman Mao and spicy Hunan food. So when a restaurant is called ShaoShanChong 韶山衝, you can imagine the association with the region’s favourite son and the fiery cuisine it offers.

Xinjiang Cuisine in Shanghai

Near our office in Shanghai is a little shop that serve very good Xinjiang 新疆 cuisine. Xinjiang is an autonomous area in the North-western region of China that features green pastures, mountain air, honeydews and dates. Majority Muslims, their cuisine is heavily influenced by the Arabian in terms of the use of spices and Halal…