The Singapura Club @ Bugis

Nested in the über-chic neighbourhood of Haji Lane was a little cafe called The Singapura Club. It featured updated versions of favourites from a murtabak stall. Advertisements

Uncle Sam’s Claypot @ Robinson Road

Uncle Sam’s Claypot Rice on Robinson Road is a familiar lunchtime haunt for CBD dwellers. The institution has been there since 1995, and we would always say “claypot rice next to MPH”. 

Gangshan Mutton Hotpot 岡山羊肉爐

It was a very strange phenomenon that you have a town in South Taiwan that specialises in Mutton Hotpot.  Gangshan is a small town in Kaohsiung and in a block around the size of Toa Payoh, you have something like 20 shops that sell cuisine that feature mutton, in particular mutton hotpot called 羊肉爐.

LouWaiLou 西湖樓外樓 @ Hangzhou

Visited in Oct 2016 LouWaiLou literally translated as the Building upon Building, which described the beautiful architecture in West Lake. This is the best place to taste the typical cuisines of Hangzhou when viewing the fantastic view of West Lake Scenic Area.


Sam Leong started his career with the Tung Lok group and my wedding dinner was actually planned by him. He proceeded to become a master on his own rights with his strong Cantonese cuisine background and coupled with Chef Mike Tan and his French cooking techniques, started this fusion cuisine. A fantastic combination of the…

Nanxiang 南翔小笼包 @ Shanghai

I was out for my daily morning walk on a chilly Shanghai morning, I made a detour to Yuyuan from The Bund in search for a breakfast pitstop. 25min later, I came to an empty Yuyuan (7am in the morning) and enjoyed a little sight-seeing without the maddening Chinese crowd. Early bird gets the worm….

Long Beach King @ Stadium Walk

Good food, good company, what one can ask more from life? Brought the family to a seafood dinner when sister came to visit. Nothing to offer at home, so we decided to go out. My little princess that unabashed suggested chilli crab. So what was supposed to be a light and healthy meal became a…

Kum Gao Kei 金九記 @ HK

Seafood in Hong Kong IMHO is the best in the world. Not only do they have the variety due to the central location among the producers in the regions plus an excellent logistics hub that bring in the delicious morsels from faraway lands, the cooks in Hong Kong have always never fail to excite me…

1933 @ Capitol

1933 in the glorious British Crown Colony of Singapore lived many Hainanese chefs working in British homes. They turned the staples of pork chops and other “Western” food and came up with perennial classics like Hainanese Pork Chop and other Hainanese Western food. 1933 is a new bistro in the newly renovated Capitol Theatre that…

Huat Kee Teochew Restaurant @ RELC

There’s a revival of Teochew restaurants in Singapore in recent years, thanks to the leaders and clansmen in the Teochew community promoting our heritage and culture in recent years. However, many of these were not authentic, rather they hired Cantonese chefs that can fire up a few Teochew dishes but lack the fundamentals in true…

Tim Ho Wan 添好運 @ TPY

Tim Ho Wan 添好運 is the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world. I am not sure have they lost the Michelin, but nevertheless they still served very good dimsum in a dimsum-deprived Singapore.

Joy Hing @ Wanchai, HK

Hong Kong is the de facto food capital of the world and when they introduced Michelin stars in Hong Kong and Macau, many critics were up in arms. How do you grade an outlet like Joy Hing?