Mei Family Banquet @ Beijing

What can you do for a group of folks that has everything? A really good meal that reminded them of home. When Mei Lan Fang threw a banquet for his fans which consisted of the who’s who in Beijing, he can only offered the best cuisine from his beloved home in Suzhou.

花家怡园 Hua’s Restaurant @ Beijing

23 August, 2014 Dinner at 花家怡园 Hua’s Restaurant 簋街(which sounded like Ghost Street) is the quintessential foodie haven when you come to Beijing. Beijing is not well known for any school of Chinese cuisine, but being the capital, boast the biggest concentration of authentic regional cuisines of China.

长安壹号 Made In China @ Beijing

25 August, 2014 Dinner at 长安壹号 Made In China Everybody goes for Peking Duck when they are in Beijing. From Quan Ju De 全聚德 to Da Dong 大董, this simple dish of a roasted duck wrapped in a ultra thin skin served with a sweet bean paste and julienned cucumber and leeks has become the…