Ash and Elm @ Bugis

Organised a farewell lunch, small budget, but still want a nice environment and good food – go to a semi-buffet. Ash and Elm caters to the nearby lunchtime crowd with a semi-buffet, offering 4 choices for mains (rotation) and buffet appetiser and dessert bar.

Rise @ MBS

Happy New Year everyone! Came back from a great holiday break with the family and decided not to cook on Boxing Day. Wanted to catch the Christmas Wonderland in Gardens by the Bay, so Princess and I decided to go for buffet at MBS.

The Colony @ The Ritz Carlton

Goodbye Greenhouse, hello The Colony. The Greenhouse closed for a ‘concept makeover’ – the synonym of dwindling clientele prompting the hotel to rethink the high end buffet concept given the health conscious wave that’s sweeping the market. But what’s a hotel without a good buffet.

Ling Zhi | 灵芝 @ Novena Square

It was my birthday at we decided to go for some light lunch at Ling Zhi | 灵芝, the vegetarian restaurant. We were craving for their vegetarian rojak, and I was trying to cut down the calories as well as sugar, salt and fat intakes.

The Living Room @ Westin KL

Situated on Level 1 of Westin KL was the Living Room. And in the morning, it served a buffet breakfast that would spoil you for choices. Did I say choices?

Ku Dé Ta Restaurant @ MBS

26 April 2014 Lunch at Ku Dé Ta Restaurant Ku Dé Ta Restaurant Semi-buffet – you order a main, and you have dessert buffet.

Forlino @ One Fullerton

Forlino offered an ala carte buffet that featured some of their best creations every weekend during the brunch slot. For a fixed price, you got a choice of different appetisers, mains, pasta and desserts. So you can have as many rounds as you liked or planned your set lunch depending on your appetite. After this…

Olive Tree @ InterContinental Bugis (Closed)

Olive Tree in InterContinental Hotel at Bugis Junction used to boast of a good Mediterranean buffet. Perhaps it’s the festive season, the selection for this buffet was disappointing. But at $60 per person, this would be one of the most economical around this season. Still, not recommended until they changed their selection.

Greenhouse @ Ritz Carlton (Closed)

One of the better buffet in town that featured all you can eat Boston Lobster (my record was six, but that was a long time ago, this time I only managed one). But could be pricey – nevertheless a worthwhile indulgence once in a blue moon (or after that calories burning workout).