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Basilico @ Orchard

Basilico is often voted to offer one of the best buffets in Singapore, and it is not difficult to see why. Their Sunday brunch has a legendary reputation around town, and a price to match

For starters, there were 12 insalata or salad options, ranging from chicken to octopus to just greens, all of them fresh and so moreish, we tried the full dozen. That’s ignoring the well-stocked DIY salad bar – and its dressing counter sporting 15 bottles of condiments and olive oil.


If you’re a fan of the cured ham and cantaloupe combination, there’s no where else to have it besides Basilico. The sweet fruit is cut and served in large wedges on the line, alongside Italian cuts like parma ham, prosciutto, mortadella, and salami.


We appreciate the effort to offer three types of tomatoes to go with the soft cheeses like Treccia, a braided version of mozzarella. Of the harder cheeses, what stood out were varieties I was trying for the first time: the gourd-like Caciocavallo that was dry and sharply flavoured, and the original Fontina Val D’Aosta with a creamy, nutty flavour.

We’re not the sort to leave plenty of room for dessert, but we did manage to try the Traditional Tiramisu. The coffee-chocolate ratio was spot on but the sponge was too dry (probably to account for the time it sits on the counter). The homemade lychee raspberry sorbet is a must

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OK, we will not be having buffet for a very long time to come given the current Covid-19 situation. Many buffets have converted their selections into ala carte buffet, ie you order what you like and they are served at the table, or the chef will arrange sharing plates for your party of 5.

Either way, this is the still what an Italian culinary wet dream will look like.

Level 2 Regent Hotel
Tel : 6725-3232

Date Visited : Oct 2016

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