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Bar Lourinhã @ Melbourne

Arriving late into the city and most places were closed. Didn’t want room service and managed to find this hole in wall just next to Sheraton.

Bar Lourinhã is an intimate place for tapas and fine wine in a vibrant room with bar seating and red leather couches.

The menu changes frequently based on what’s available in season. So you can get the freshest mussels, rock oysters and other ingredients available in the blessed land of Australia. All things are prepared fresh, and I am grateful with having a hot meal so late at night that is so good.

The service was absolutely outstanding. I was sitting at the bar and the bartender was very friendly, courteous and attentive. To be honest, I would return just for the service alone as it truly was what made the overall experience so amazing.

Bar Lourinhã
37 Little Collins St, Melbourne Vic. 3000
Tel : 03 9663 7890

Date Visited : Mar 2017

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