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Tsunami @ SLC

When you are stuck in the US for some period of time, you will yearn for Asian food – Chinese, Japanese, anything. There’s a place near my office in South Jordan that just hits the spot.

Tsunami has several locations in Salt Lake City, but this one is closest to my office. We have been here many times, and the menu is as American as you can get for Japanese food. What do I meant by that?

First of all, they serves rolls – all kinds of rolls that a respectable Japanese sushi chef will never do. But they are very creative and the rolls make sense taste wise, like avocado with tuna, spicy mahi mahi, deep fried tempura prawns and soft shell crab. And then they are huge portion. One roll and I am done.

If you are yearning for Tsukiji-quality fish, you are out of luck here. You will not find specialty seafood here, only the general, sustainable tuna, salmon, swordfish, yellowtail, mahi mahi. Remember to leave a tip for the waitresses – they are really friendly and make sure your drinks are filled all the time.

Tsunami Restaurant & Sushi Bar (River Park)
10722 River Front Parkway, South Jordan, Utah 84095
Tel : 801-748-1178

Date Visited : Apr 2018

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