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Beautiful Sio Bak

When Phase 2 reopened the office, we arranged to go back and collect our stuff. One colleague ordered sio bak (roasted pork belly) to the office for lunch. And the claim to fame for this sio bak? It was made by a beauty queen.

I am not sure if this blog is going to make enemies for the owner of Sio Bak SG. Beauty Queen Mrs Chantel Lee wanted to make sio bak for the family (she has 5 children) because she felt that those outside were made of inferior ingredients. She uses only fresh chilled pork belly, not frozen meat, and Himalayan pink salt to make the sio bak.

That’s $160 worth of sio bak

The process of making sio bak needs a lot of salt. So the end result is not going to be cheap if you are using Himalayan pink salt. But only the best for the family right. This is the portion for 8 folks, and the wonderful part of the whole meal was the tubs of homemade sambal.

As they say, the test is in the pudding – only the taste matters. How’s the sio bak?

Homemade sio bak

It tasted homemade, if you are into those things. The technique is rough and it shows in the finished product. You don’t get the professional even roasting that comes from commercial HK BBQ meat roasters. Certain parts of the pork belly were more burnt than the other. However, the crackling was great – almost like German-style schweinhäxen but much more crispy. Overall an above average sio bak but it still tasted like what your sister-in-law made for family celebration.

No shop, just order online

Before 2019, you can only order it directly from her, as she operated from her home kitchen. Since then through word of mouth, she has become the Queen of Sio Bak, thanks to viral online marketing. There’s no physical shop, you can only order it online at https://siobaksg.com

Did I mention that Chantel was Mrs Singapore 2017?

Date Orders : Jul 2020

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