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Seng Heng Famous Laksa Yong Tau Fu @ Yishun

I love Singaporean laksa, and I love Hakka yong tau fu. Why have one when you can have both at the same time?

Seng Heng is located behind an escalator, literally. Many Yishunites know about this place and frequent this place, but unlike Yishun laksa (which is opposite them in Blk 928), this place is much less famous.

Yong tau fu is a traditional food of the Hakka using the technique of niang or Hakka verb for inlaying or filling one ingredient onto another. Typical it is either fish paste or minced pork, but it can include encompass all kind of fillings.

Besides giving you the illusion of dining clean while on a diet, yong tau fu allows for endless permutations, making it the ultimate meal for a variety of palates. We don’t want to burst your bubble but whether it’s truly healthy really depends on what you choose — right down to your carbs and whether you’re having it dry or with soup.

Laksa broth

We enjoy coming to Seng Heng for the laksa yong tau fu, the laksa gravy is neither too thick or rich. There’s no extra cost for choosing their laksa broth instead of clear broth. Yes, you read it right, no extra cost! In a time of hyper-inflation, this is something counterintuitive. I always put another ladle of their chilli sauce into the laksa for that extra kick.

With yellow noodles, taugay (bean sprouts) and lots of yong tau fu

Here, the dish takes on a more familiar spin, an old-school taste of what traditional yong tau foo used to be like. And the pieces of yong tau fu were still as big as they used to be albeit 10¢ more since the last time I came (2022), unlike many other places where the size of the yong tau fu have shrunk at the same time as the price increase.

Clear broth

Of course for the health conscious you, there’s the clear broth version. The soup was flavourful with the classic soy bean and anchovies stock. And the umami from the fish paste in the yong tau fu seeped into the stock for a wonderful meal.

The price has been adjusted once again, and the total jumped quickly when you add additional pieces. Nevertheless, it’s still a good place to frequent for a cheap and good meal.

Do take note that you should go ahead and pick what you want in a bowl, give it to the auntie and then join the second queue. Then you wait for your turn and order the drink if you need one at the same time you pick up the yong tau fu.

Seng Heng Famous Laksa Yong Tau Fu 成興馳名叻沙釀豆腐
Blk 925 Yishun Central 1 #01-235, Singapore 76092
Tel:+65 6482 1759

Visited Jun 2023

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