Yum Yum Flavour 湘与香缘 @ Beijing

Merry Christmas Everyone! It’s not quite the White Christmas I was hoping in Beijing. In fact, it was so dry, it had not snowed so far this year [2017]. Nevertheless, we were so cold that we need something spicy to warm the stomach.

Fiery Food at Fire Temple

Located in Changsha, Hunan Province, is an ancient temple called the Fire Temple 火宫殿. Fire Temple was founded in 1577 during the Ming dynasty, but it was not famous because of the Fire God that was worshipped here. It was famous for the stinky tofu that Chairman Mao once loved so much that he lamented…

XiHuLou 西湖樓 @ Changsha

The western side of Changsha was once a cowboy town – the congregation of the new immigrants into the city, with lots of hostels and BnB. With the relocation of Hunan Media Group and the film studios to that part of the city, the place experienced a boom in recent times. Especially when 7 of…

Homecooked Meal @ ShaoShan, Hunan

ShaoShan 韶山 is the home town of Chairman Mao. Hunan is a region with fair weather and an appetite for spice. And Xiang 湘 cuisine is considered one of the 8 main sects in China. And in ShaoShan, there are many restaurants that offer the childhood favorites of Mao. Most of them are quite standard…

Hunan Cuisine 韶山沖 in Shanghai

Shaoshan 韶山, Hunan is famous for 2 things – Chairman Mao and spicy Hunan food. So when a restaurant is called ShaoShanChong 韶山衝, you can imagine the association with the region’s favourite son and the fiery cuisine it offers.