Teppanyaki Yasaiya @ Tokyo

This was a recommendation of a colleague. I wanted to go a good teppanyaki restaurant, no gimmicks, money not the issue. Instead of the usuals in Ginza, I was introduced to this one in Akasaka. It is different from most teppanyaki restaurant as it features vegetables as its main selling point.

Ling Zhi | 灵芝 @ Novena Square

It was my birthday at we decided to go for some light lunch at Ling Zhi | 灵芝, the vegetarian restaurant. We were craving for their vegetarian rojak, and I was trying to cut down the calories as well as sugar, salt and fat intakes.

King Join 京兆尹 Taipei

King Join 京兆尹 is a culinary institution in Taipei. Located in the CBD district, just off the traffic circus in Tunhua Road, they have served the rich and famous in Taiwan since KMT retreated to the island and brought their elephant along (story about the elephant in another blog). What they have also brought along…