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Mikuni at Fairmont

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Inagiku was closed and Mikuni took its place in Fairmont. The entire service team was retained, but there is a new Executive Chef in town. How about a Korean taking the helm of a Japanese Fine Dining establishment?

The good things remained in the new Mikuni. The sushi bar, the teppanyaki. There is a new addition to the place – Robatayaki.

Robatayaki is the art of Japanese BBQ. There are only a couple of these places in Singapore – Takumi Tokyo @ Keppel Bay, Keyaki @ Pan Pac. As this place is brand new, the operation is still a bit quiet – thus lost the rowdy atmosphere of a Robata place – and sometime still confusing. Another thing I don’t like about this Robata was the use of gas stove. Takumi use a charcoal grill in true authentic style. Keyaki used a mixture depending on produce. So I felt that without the use of charcoal the place lost an edge over its competitors.

As the food choices were dependent of the source, I can only described what I ate that night. Special on the menu was fugu (river puffer fish – gourmet version of Russian roulette), fish sperm, sea whelk. We ordered a whelk and it was cooked in a rich buttery broth made of its natural juices. We were not very adventurous that night and stuck to mostly classics like Chutoro, Uni, etc. One dish worth taking note is the Onigiri with Sardine. delicious.

Would go again just because I loved BBQ and the Onigiri itself was worth the revisit.

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