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CUT by Wolfgang Puck @ MBS

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The Michelin Chef series continues with CUT by Wolfgang Puck. Herr Puck is the celebrity chef of the Hollywood stars, having catered for post-Oscar receptions and dinners for as long as we can remember. With CUT, he brought to Singapore his take on the quintessential New York Steakhouse experience.

The dinner started with the usual bread selection, baked in-house the same day of course. Actually, nothing to shout about the bread, they were good but it was expected.

Austrian Oxtail Bouillon, Chervil, Bone Marrow Dumplings

The bouillon was rich and flavourful, a bit too salty for my preference, but that’s how good French bouillon are. Austrian dumplings are not like the Chinese where a thin skin is filled with delicious fillings. Austrian dumplings are flavoured dough broken into dumplings – it’s more like spätzle or 面疙瘩. The bone marrow dumplings were not what I expected. Nevertheless, this brought back memories of the same dish I had in Graz.

Prawn “Cocktail,” Wasabi Panna Cotta, Celery Salt, Avocado Mousse, Yuzu Citrus

The salad was a prawn cocktail on steroid. King prawns cut into bit size with flavoured salt and a tangy yuzu dressing. The Wasabi was not over powering and the Avocado mousse bound the dish together. A good and expensive take on the prawn cocktail – definitely not you Jack’s Place variety with Thousand Island sauce and shredded lettuce.

Butter Lettuce, Point Reyes Blue Cheese, Marinated Cherry Tomatoes, Champagne-Herb Vinaigrette

This is a simple dish which the highlight was the blue cheese. Unfortunately there were so little of that so we were quite disappointed.

Steak Presentation

There were 5 choices of meat that evening.

  • U.S.D.A. PRIME, Illinois Corn Fed, Aged 21 Days
  • Australian Angus, 300+ Days Grain Fed, Rangers Valley, Dry Aged 45 Days
  • American Wagyu / Angus “Kobe Style” Beef From Snake River Farms, Idaho
  • True Japanese 100% Wagyu Beef From Shiga Prefecture, Honshu, Japan

and one that was not displayed and available for a limited time only, a Porthouse cut bone-in Snakeriver Wagyu which we selected.

The distinctive MBS style

The meat was grilled over hard wood and charcoal and then finished under a broiler. According to the marketing information, the grill was specially imported, and so were the wood. So the effect was a little smokey and burnt at some parts – as some people liked that – and still tender on the inside. We asked for Medium Rare, and it did not disappoint. (PS: we had so much meat that we took some home later. After microwave reheating the next day, it was still very good. Don’t take my word for it, as results may vary.)

Bone Marrow

We have a few sides, like fries, bone marrow (which was quite rare when we went to the restaurant in 2011) and sauteed mushrooms. The desserts were not exactly exciting.

Price: Dinner came up to $180+ pax, exc wine. Food: Good steaks, but that’s what you get. So if you want seafood or others, skip this place. Service: Attentive, but as we went after the restaurant just opened for less than 4 months, some of them were still quite blur. Ambiance: Modern. Don’t sit near the bar. Try to go as far in as possible if you want some privacy. The restaurant has not external walls, so crowd of MBS will just walk past your tables if you are on the bar side.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck
10 Bayfront Avenue

Te; 66888517

Michelin Singapore Awarded 2016, 2017 1 Star

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