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Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant

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Sanma (mackerel) in season – the fish is fatty and the innards are bitter but not fishy. Best grilled. This restaurant served a special Sanma set ($38.60++) that is quite a big portion.

Sanma Set
Sanma sushi from Sanma set
Salad that came with the Sanma Set
Chawanmushi from the Sanma set
MIso soup from Sanma Set
Zaru Soba from Sanma set


The Sanma Set took the whole Sanma and served it 2 ways – as a grilled dish and as a sushi (not raw, but flame grilled). And it came with the usual accompaniments of Chawanmushi, Zaru Soba, Salad and Miso Soup. Very filling set.

Service: OK, but we were seated in a far corner so very hard to get any attention. Also, call me sceptical, but the mainly Pinoy staff attended the Expat crowd better than us. Food: 4/5, fresh sashimi, good presentation, good portion, great for sharing. Ambiance: Izakaya feel to the place more than a Japanese family restaurant. Price: Be prepared to pay $50-100 per head before you can eat something substantial (before any alcohol).

Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant
10 Dempsey Road #01-22
Singapore 247700

Tel 64742143

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