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Paradise Inn @ Changi Airport T1

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This is going to be a short blog.

Paradise Group of restaurants was founded by two brothers that started with a Tzechar store that developed into over 30 restaurants of all shapes and sizes and budgets. On the high end, you get the seafood restaurants and gourmet Chinese food that in my own opinion was not exactly competitive with others in the same range. However it was at the family and budget end that they excelled. Paradise Inn belonged to the budget/family end, and was value of money, at the same time, tasty. It’s now my favourite dinner place after I come home from a long trip abroad (particularly after a trip to Europe or US).

Double boil soup
Double boil soup
Double boiled soup with dried mussels
Double boiled soup with dried mussels
Double boiled sea whelk soup
Double boiled sea whelk soup

While most of the dishes are simple fare, I highly recommend their double-boiled soups. They were all tasty and enough for 4 pax if you are sharing with other dishes ordered. Also recommended particularly for this branch in Changi Airport Terminal 1 were the ramen dishes. The ramen was made fresh in store and came with tasty broth.

Fried rice with petai (smelly beans)
Fried rice with petai (smelly beans)

Another highly recommended dish was their Petai Fried Rice. Petai (Parkia speciosa) is a type of bean that can be found in Southeast Asia and aptly called locally as Smelly Bean because of the foul and awkward smell it gave out before and after you consumed it. I don’t know about the medicinal benefits, but anything this foul and does not kill you must be good for something. And being an acquired taste, it was something I crave quite often, together with Smelly Tofu and Smelly Fish (new on my list after the Changsha trip)

Prices were reasonable with most soup less than $20++, and dishes were between $5-$20++. Average $25++ pax. Service was prompt and quick, being in the airport also meant that it was fast.

Paradise Inn
Viewing Mall, Departure Check-in Hall, Level 3
Opening Hours : 10:30am – 11.00pm


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