Blacklist: Carnivore Appetite @ Marina Square

27 June, 2014

Dinner at Carnivore Appetite

Ladies and Gentlemen, once in a while, you got to eat something bad (food quality wise or bad service) and you wondered what made you go into the shop in the first place. This particular day, I was craving for some good BBQ meat and thought that Brazilian would not be too bad of a choice and Carnivore was not too bad either. But when attached as an express restaurant, this was quite bad. The food was mediocre and the service was mainly self-service. Not recommended.

This particular shop is at Marina Square and it is going into my Blacklist.

Instead of serving at your table, this one you need to go to the counter. And you only have 4 choices.

Pig tail in black bean stew was overcooked and under seasoned.

BBQ pineapple – not even scorched properly even to say it was caramelised was an insult.

Mashed polenta. Bland.

Salad bar – weak.

Stewed rice aka Briyani style. Pass.

Garlic rice. Blah.

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