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Vlado’s @ Melbourne

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Another good eat in Melbourne. Very down to earth and relatively reasonably priced.

Behind the very plain exterior is a Melbourne institution.

The place has been serving high quality steaks for the past 50 years. And the menu has not changed for the past 50 years as well. You choose your cut and leave the rest to the restaurant. You get a starter (homemade sausage), an appetizer (different grilled parts of the cow), a coleslaw, the main course and a dessert.

Homemade sausage

Slivers of liver, beef cheeks, tripes and a part I cannot recognize.

My cut of sirloin. Medium rare yet charred at the rim. Perfect and juicy.

The cut with homemade coleslaw. You can have as much slaws as you can eat. Simple vinegar with cabbage, with chunks of tomatoes.

Nothing to shout for, this is just plain vanilla ice cream with strawberries and cream from a can. Very old school and a rather simple ending to otherwise an excellent meal.

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