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Huat Kee Teochew Restaurant @ RELC

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There’s a revival of Teochew restaurants in Singapore in recent years, thanks to the leaders and clansmen in the Teochew community promoting our heritage and culture in recent years. However, many of these were not authentic, rather they hired Cantonese chefs that can fire up a few Teochew dishes but lack the fundamentals in true Teochew cuisine. Huat Kee was one of the older Teochew restaurants in Singapore and moved recently from Amoy Street to RELC. How did it fare then?

Teochew Cold Dish

See the old school decorative rose in the middle of this appetiser selection.

Pig gelatin

Oyster omelette

Kailan with prawns

Fish maw soup

Steam pomfret

Huat Kee of Amoy St

Roasted pig

Scallop and calamari

Fried kway teow

Yam paste

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