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Les Patisseries @ TPY Central

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Les Patisseries is a small little bistro set up by a couple of friends. Looked like they were pastry chefs because the main item is pastry. Unfortunately I am counting calories, and therefore I have to skip most of the food there. But I am so glad that you can find these entrepreneurial spirits right in the middle of the heartlands. Coffee by illy, but they are not baristas so don’t expect your 65 degC coffee.

Daily pastries ranging between $6-10.

Simple bistro decor.

Truffles fries with grated cheese

Very oily and salty. And you get very thirsty after eating.

Banana milk shake.

Here’s a little simple recipe: freeze some banana (remove skin first), and then blend it with milk. Wow.

Quite a nice little bistro in TPY Central. But I am not impressed by the hot food. All looked too oily and fried. Next time try pastries.

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