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Ah Huat Wanton Noodles @ Dunman Food Centre

Hidden in the basement of Dunman Food Centre is an old-timer Singapore-style Wanton Noodle stall. Ah Huat has been selling wanton noodles all his life, first working for the famed Ang Moh Wanton Noodles in AMK and now operating his own stall in Dunman Food Centre.

The queueing system is high-tech and quite unconventional – you get a queue number, you wait for your turn, you order and then wait some more. The result is that you get springy al dente wanton noodles, generous amount of char siew (BBQ pork) and succulent wanton cooked a la minute (not the general cooked till death variety in other places).

Highly recommended to make a stop if you are in the vicinity. They open early morning at around 6am from Tuesday – Sunday, closed Monday, and end when they run out of ingredients, which is quite often around 2-3pm.

Joo Chiat Ah Huat Wanton Noodles
Dunman Food Centre #01-04


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