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Toriyoshi Akasaka @ Tokyo

Going to a yakitori restaurant after a hard day in the office was often the highlight of my trips to Tokyo. Toriyoshi Akasaka (there were many Toriyoshi, some were on the Michelin guide) was recommended by a good friend of mine. It did not disappoint.

The fastest way to learn what their specialities were was to order Omakase. You can eat as much as you want, and stop when you are done. At the end of it, if you still have room, order a Soborodon (Minced Chicken on Rice with Teriyaki Sauce).

You started with the Yakitori standards – Niku (white meat) with sauce, Kawa (skin), wings, and other standard parts. Highlights included the gizzard (very crunchy and perfectly grilled), corn (really sweet), onions and Gyutan (ox tongue). The piece de resistance was their Chicken Sashimi. Raw chicken was never recommended but in Japan, these were prized and showed the quality of the chicken they used. In Toriyoshi, they used the local chicken that came from Date.

The place was packed when we visited on a Thu evening at 9pm. We were not the last to order. Some more people came in after us. Even though the grilling never stopped, the main dining hall was not smoky. And surprising when we finished, we did not stink of BBQ as well.


The don was decked with a savory minced chicken topping on rice and seaweed strips. It came with a clear soup and was fantastic to the last grain.

The place can get very busy on a weekday night, reservation is highly recommended.

Toriyoshi Akasaka
3-20-3 Akasaka Minato Tokyo
Tel: 03-5549-9090

鳥よし 赤坂店 (とりよし)

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