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Gangshan Mutton Hotpot 岡山羊肉爐

It was a very strange phenomenon that you have a town in South Taiwan that specialises in Mutton Hotpot.  Gangshan is a small town in Kaohsiung and in a block around the size of Toa Payoh, you have something like 20 shops that sell cuisine that feature mutton, in particular mutton hotpot called 羊肉爐.

Gangshan just happens to be a farming community that has been raising the grass eating mammal for a long time. And when you have so many goats, you will start to sell products that would feature mutton. Firstly the mutton has almost no fat. Secondly it is not gamey. And there’s so many style they would cook the mutton – hotpot, blanched (?), stir-fry, herbal, braised, you name it.

This particular store that we went is not a tourist favourite. That happens to be 舊市羊肉爐 Joe’s. This one吉羊was slightly differently (more herbal) and definitely not as crowded, and in my humble opinion, more tasty.

So go try it when you happen to be in Gangshan.

Address: 高雄市岡山區仁壽路122號之1
Tel: +886-7-625-4567

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