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Uncle Sam’s Claypot @ Robinson Road

Uncle Sam’s Claypot Rice on Robinson Road is a familiar lunchtime haunt for CBD dwellers. The institution has been there since 1995, and we would always say “claypot rice next to MPH”. The food was nothing to shout about. But aircon comfort, reasonable servings, friendly aunties in the middle of CBD, you can’t really complained.

Duck with Salted Vegetable Soup

Sam’s famous for its claypot dishes. But their double boiled soup to go with the rice was quite good too. I usually have the watercress soup. But what the heck, decided to go a notch up and ordered the duck with salted vegetables. Well, it was not as oily as I thought it would be. The flavour was light, but I could not taste any duck. Well, compromise. You can’t have duck soup and expected it to be not oily.

Baby Kailan

OK, boiled baby kailan with a sprinkling of fried shallots and fried garlic. It was light, and I for once appreciated this.

Sam’s Chicken Claypot Rice

The boneless chicken claypot rice came up piping hot. It smelled burnt (which is alright for claypot rice) and was topped with generous portions of chicken marinated in their dark sauce. I wished the rice would be more dry, it was obviously not cooked from scratch in the claypot. But it would be better if they just gave a bit more of the sauce.

As I said the food was not fantastic. There were better claypot rice in Singapore, but this address was something a few generations of CBD workers remembered. We came during payday to celebrate. The service was (back then) quite bad. I guessed after all these years, the aunties got better in their attitudes, or was it me because I have become an uncle too.

We came early to avoid the lunchtime crowd. One of them chatted with me while I waited for the claypot. Seemed that she recognised me from all the frequent visits, or I thought so. She said the boss has considered retiring after the lease expires. His sons were all professionals and did not want to take over. Seriously, the food was not that fantastic that someone would buy over the brand.

Would I recommend this place to someone yearning for a good claypot rice? No. But just like a popular saying in China, 哥吃的是回憶 (I am going for the nostalgia).

Go before they are closed forever.

Uncle Sam’s Claypot Rice
63 Robinson Road
#01-01A Afro-Asia Building
Singapore 068894

Opening hours : 11:00am – 05:00pm

Tel: +65 62213098

Date Visited : Jul 2017

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