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Etna @ Duxton

Etna is taken after Italy’s most iconic volcano, the name ETNA also reflects the wordly renowned excellent produce and finest ingredients from the Sicily region. The name is also a clever play of representing the restaurant’s pride and focus on delivering truly Italian hospitality, recognizing that Every Table Needs Attention.


Polpo e Ceci

Grilled octopus with chickpeas purée, caper powder and seasoned breadcrumb. In this variation, they have replaced the usual grilled squid with grilled octopus. The octopus was not chewy, which is a plus. Many places came out with really chewy octopus. This cut through without any problem. The puree was a bit too soupy to my preference. I was hoping for a hummus type consistency.

Tartare di Tonno

Raw yellowfin tuna served with avocado cream, shallots and tomatoes. The tuna was chopped very fine, too fine for me. The avocado cream was quite nice, with a bit of tang from lemon. The little dabs of avocado were nice touch.

Insalata di Rucola, Finocchi e Arance

Fresh rocket salad with orange, fennel, walnuts and shaved Pecorino cheese. Nothing to comment on a really simple tossed salad that you can replicate without any problem.

Ciriole alla Norcina

Homemade semolina pasta with mushrooms, homemade sausage and truffle paste. This was a really yummy pasta. The cream was infused with a bit of truffle, and the mushroom sauce was great.

Spaghetti al Scampi

Homemade spaghetti with butter pistachio cream and prawns. Another good pasta. Not sure what’s the fennel shaving doing them and there was only one scampi.

We went for the lunch service, ordered a la carte. The service staff was not really attentive. But the excellent pasta will be the only really why I would return.

Etna Italian Restaurant
49/50 Duxton Road
Singapore 089513
Tel: 6220 5513

Date Visited : Mar 2017

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