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Liu Residence Restaurant 刘宅食府 @ Beijing

This place has become our regular canteen whenever we are in Beijing. I would not call this simple fare, but family fare. You feel right at home eating here, nothing pretentious just rustic home cooking.

We have been to this restaurant more than 10 times over the years. It has not changed a bit. It is situated at the back of a nondescript alley, and you would have missed it if you are not eagle-eyed.

The cuisine is mixed – you get the Beijing fare like mustard cabbage 芥末墩, and home style dishes like the braised fish and stir-fried vegetables. But you can also order the restaurant stuff like Peking duck (which is done over a traditional wood fire) and Shandong-style sea cucumber.

It is usually packed all the time, and a lot of items may run out (they have a twenty page menu). But we love the place and would recommend to anyone who yearns for homecoming in this forbidding city.

Liu Residence Restaurant 刘宅食府

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