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Comfort Food for Night Owls in Taipei

This may not be the best example of bee hoon soup in Taipei, but at 2am in the morning, it would do very well.

As the night gets later, most of the eateries in town are closed. There will be a couple that catered to the pub crawlers and nightclubbers, and they are usually concentrated around those locations.

Most are not cheap. Liao Jiao isn’t either.

You have to understand that the rental for these places is not cheap. They are usually located at the best places, accessible from the main street and near all the night spots. Plus the long opening hours.


However, the food is made up of really cheap ingredients. You can see that it mainly contains innards of the pig, parts that are thrown away in places like USA. Only sophisticated folks like the Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, and …. OK most of the Old World and Third World folks, will be able to make a delicious meal out of the most ordinary ingredients. These are usually accompanied by a hot bowl of vermicelli soup.


It is very common in Taipei to see smoked shark’s meat featured on the menu. No, they are not like the Icelandic Fermented Shark Meat, an acquired taste like blue cheese, but a milder, delectable version that retained the same texture (almost cheese, creamy) but none of the smell.

I love these places, especially when going with a group of friends. It is usually not crowded at that time of the day, and the staff leaves you alone, you can sit there, eat slowly and chat.

But a word of caution, it is not called 黑白切 for not reason. “黑白” in colloquial term can also mean “anyhow”, and “切” means in colloquial term “kotok” or “charge exorbitantly”. If you have not inquired about the price for each item, they can “anyhow kotok” you.

Liao Jiao 廖娇米粉汤 延吉街
Address: No. 72之12號, Yanji Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Phone: +886 2 2740 3714

Date Visited : Jul 2018

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