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Fremantle Seafood @ Clarke Quay

Seafood restaurants in Clarke Quay have the notoriety of unfair business practices. You order a lobster, which was stated as $26 in the menu, and it turned 100x more expensive because it was priced per 100g. Luckily, Fremantle Seafood was not one of them.

Firstly, everything on the menu was cleared marked and priced. And they have a good selection of Western and limited Singapore choices, again all clearly marked and priced.

Next, the service was good and not pushy. You can order a beer and just sit by the riverside. Of course, be automatic lah (Singlish for social conscious), give up your seat during the dinner service lah.

The seafood was reasonably priced and fresh. The lobster linguine came with half a lobster, head, claw and all. They have a live oyster tank right outside the restaurant and serve freshly shucked oysters. What I loved was the fried soft-shell crab with chilli crab sauce, a combination of Singapore, Vietnam and Japan.

Will revisit and give everyone an update.

Fremantle Seafood
3E River Valley Rd, #01-05/06,
Singapore 179024
Tel : +65 6337 1838

Date visited : Dec 2013

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