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Hotpot Sun 洋房火鍋 @ Shanghai

Known as the Hermes of hotpot, Hotpot Sun offers hotpot dining in a fine dining setting in the old mansions of Shanghai. You must be wondering how fine dining can hotpot get, Hotpot Sun set the standard.

Condiments and strawberries

Kind of interesting to start the meal with strawberries. The fruit they served was local and were quite packed with the strawberry flavour.


Even the selection of mushrooms looked more delectable. Of course, you need not work on them. There’s a server in every private room to help you.

Wagyu beef

Wagyu beef was the favourite among the diners here and you can see why. The marbling was gorgeous, and a quick swerve into the boiling stock was just enough.

Geoduck clams

Geoduck clam, the entire one, was served and eaten two ways – as a sashimi and as something to dip in the hotpot. Never cook this too long, or it turned into a rubbery mess.

Boiling pork bone stock

The stock was flavourful from the pork bones and sweet corn. And it only got better as the lunch went.

Fresh garoupa

Again, an entire garoupa was slice and served. The fish was really fresh, you can eat it as a sashimi, but I was not going to risk it.

Fried garoupa skin and bones

The fish bones and skin were deep-fried and served as another course.

Live prawns

The picture did not do justice to the live prawns that were skewered and served in a fan-shaped presentation. You can still them tweaked.

Service at its best

Talking about the service here, they would take off the shell of the shrimp for you.

Almond pudding

The almond pudding was really delicious, soft and full of almond milk flavour.


And to end the excellent lunch, Japanese fruits were served. Just look at the Givenchy fruit pick that was used. The whole meal was served on Givenchy dinner service. And because it was an old Shanghainese mansion, the whole ambiance was great. Unfortunately it was a business lunch, I could be carried away to snap the environment, but trust me, it was top service and excellent ingredients.

Even for lunch, it was more than $100 per head. Thankfully my business partner was paying.

Hotpot Sun 洋房火锅(岳阳路店)
Tel : 021-33680677,021-33680977

Date Visited : Jan 2019

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