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Brotzeit @ City Hall

Brotzeit is a home-grown (Singapore) franchise that having been providing good German food since 2016. I went to their first outlet in Vivocity and was impressed. Since then, I have preferred Brotzeit to most other franchised German fare in Singapore.

German cuisine is not a favourite in the culinary world, but Germans are a major force in the kitchens. Most executive chefs in hotels around the world are Germans. They run the kitchens with German precision and discipline and roll out consistently high quality and good food. In recent years, Michelin has given the nod to many German restaurants (again consistency has a play there), unfortunately Brotzeit is not one of those innovative German restaurants.

Fladen and spreads

Fladen (flatbread), Black Forest ham topping with rocket salad, mushroom, cheese shavings, and balsamic glaze over a crispy oven-baked thin rye base. Almost like a Italian salad without the tomato and buffalo mozzarella.

Multi-grain bread

Medley of spreads, sliced premium multi-grain bread served with four traditional German spreads: Obatzda (German cheese spread), Griebenschmalz (bacon spread), Leberpastete (liver paté), and Kartofel Käse (potato cheese spread). Loved the dips, but it was the sourdough-ish bread that stole the limelight.

Cheese spätzle

Spätzle, a type of soft egg noodle, is one of the most beloved dishes and a comfort food in Southern Germany. Cheese spätzle uses an assortment of gratinated cheese, topped with crispy shallots, almost like mac and cheese with an Asian twist. I made spätzle when I was an exchange student in Mannheim and my roommate taught me how to make them. It was pretty easy, just make the dough with flour, water, egg or milk if vegetarian, and the twist bits of dough into a spiral pasta. Cooked with cheese and more milk.

Crispy oven-roasted pork knuckle

Crispy oven-roasted pork knuckle, hind shank of grain-fed pork, marinated for 24 hours with premium draught beer, massaged with proprietary spice mix to achieve a juicy meat and crispy crackling skin. Served with sauerkraut and potato salad.

The pork knuckle had a really good crackling, but the meat was overdone. German-style potato salad is a vinegarish mix that had al dente potato that still has a bit of crunch, and fried ham bits with scallions and chives  They have adapted for local palate by making it softer and mix with mayo. The sauerkraut was ok.

Sausage platter

Sausage platter featuring five German selections of spicy chicken, Nürnberger, pork cheese, Weiβwurst, and Thüringer sausages. Served with sauerkraut.

Always loved German sausages because the skin was crunchy and there’s always a complexity of flavour with each type.

Weltenburger Kloster Anno 1050

The German Purity law (Reinheitgebot) of 1516 states that beer can only have 4 ingredients – water, malt, hops and yeast. It’s the combination that creates magic. This malty beer from the oldest monastery brewery in the world has a light head and golden hue, and is light and fruity in flavour. Best when icy cold.

Weltenburger Kloster ( Wellenberg Abbey) is a Benedictine monastery in Bavaria. It was founded in 617 and decommissioned in 1803. The brewery started producing its first beer in 1050. The Anno 1050 beer was a nod to the original formula, although we are not sure if the formula has been strictly followed through the years.

OK for German sausage and beer fix, the restaurant is a perfect location and therefore crowded all the time during happy hours. But it was standard German fare, not the top notch type. Given that the food was slightly better than Pauläner, this would do the trick.

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant
252 North Bridge Road, #01-17 Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
Tel : (65) 6883 1534


Date Visited : Oct 2014

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