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Morton’s @ Beijing

I have been to Morton’s in Las Vegas (my first time in a Morton’s) and I was so impressed with their service and great steaks. Since then, I have tried Morton’s in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Shanghai, and now Beijing.

This international steakhouse chain targets those with big expense accounts, serving up colossal, nearly unfinishably giant portions of classic steakhouse surf’n’turf at premium prices. The Morton’s here isn’t too different, in menu or attitude.

Open kitchen

Morton’s of Chicago, The Steakhouse is located on the 2nd floor of Regent Hotel along Jinbao Street. Opened in 2012, the 220-seat restaurant features a 110-seat main dining hall, eight private dining suites and a spacious private lounge room. Surprising, it’s the only Morton’s that features an open kitchen.

Classic onion bread with house butter

The dinner starts with the classic onion bread and house butter. The warm bread with the creamy butter did not disappoint.

Caesar salad

Morton’s caesar salad has been replicated all over the cyberspace, with lots of recipe to their sauce and assembly. Obviously, the chef in Beijing restaurant didn’t read those recipe. The sauce was too little to properly coat every bit of the Romaine salad. The crotons were a disappointment, being two thin flat pieces of bread.

Scallop and lobster

We had another starter to share – Scallop and lobster, corn salsa, sautéed wild mushrooms with kale.

Scallop and lobster

This is really nice, with a whole poached Boston lobster and 4 big seared scallops. The salsa complimented the seafood nicely.

Prime New York strip with jumbo baked potato

USDA Prime aged Prime New York strip with Morton’s signature jumbo baked potato, béarnaise sauce made a la minute with asparagus. “Prime” is the highest quality grade designation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in terms of tenderness, juiciness and flavor. This quality grade is determined by maturity and marbling scores, with abundant marbling being required. Less than 2 percent of US beef supply earns the designation of “Prime” beef. Morton’s Prime is aged for 23-28 days and is custom-cut per Morton’s specification and shipped all around the world, which explains the high price you have to pay for a steak. It costed almost 2~3 times more than what you would pay in US for the same meat.

Sautéed asparagus, béarnaise sauce, steak done medium

Prices, and those eye-boggling sizes, will drive those without an expense account to split the bill. But make sure you bring a friend with similar sensibilities, as eating a cut of New York strip, a honking 340g at 598RMB (that’s not even the smallest size!), is unfathomable for those unused to American portions. Fortunately, they would help you cut it up for sharing.

The meat is tender and moist, medium doneness with a pinkish red center. The outside is sheared to a crisp. Then the jumbo baked potato disappoints – the potato is dry and hard that the sour cream, butter, bacon bits did not salvage a very poor execution of their classic potato.

The portion is so big, we have to skip dessert.

The main dining hall

Morton’s food is mostly very good, when you can afford it. But the chain is best when it’s showing off, and, for a quality steakhouse, it doesn’t survive past the first big impression.

Food is great comparing to the (very) high prices, we’d expect more professional service. The staff is truly friendly but at RMB3,000+ for 2 you wouldn’t expect them to pass by your table 4 times before realising you’re done with your starters

But then, I have yet to experience really great service in Beijing. Sigh!

Morton’s The Steakhouse 莫尔顿牛排坊
2/F Regent Hotel, 99 Jinbao Street Dongcheng District, Beijing 100005
Tel : (8610) 6523 7777

Date Visited : Jul 2019

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