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British Izakaya 事外英式居酒屋 @ Shenzhen

Here’s a really strange Izakaya. In Shenzhen, the most bustling city in China at this moment, there’s a British-pub themed Japanese izakaya. The Chinese name for this Izakaya is called The Consulate when translated.

The place is not about the food, but more the drinks. We ordered a mojito and a Dalmore 18 on the rocks. Interestingly, they used frozen rocks, yes stone rocks, as ice.

We ordered a spring roll that was made to resemble cigars. The whole presentation is in a cigar box, with cutter and all. All that’s lacking was to light up the smoke.

Chef’s sashimi 主厨精选刺身八品

The Chef’s sashimi 主厨精选刺身八品 was a generous portion of raw fish, but I was not impressed of the quality.

Hana sushi 花季寿司

Another instagrammable food, Hana sushi 花季寿司 was 9 pieces of sushi which the shari was made of sweet glutinous rice and the toppings were fruits. More like a dessert than a main course.

Cherry tomatoes in plum 梅沾番茄

Cherry tomatoes in plum 梅沾番茄 was quite a good bar snack. The cherry tomatoes were soaked in a sour plum marinade and the result was a sweet, savoury, sour snack.

The decor is quite eclectic. The 2 storey whisky display was quite a view to behold. Above th whisky cabinet is a narrow platform that have a pretty lady sitting there seductively fanning a feather.

It’s also a music pub, with live music performances. Each set is about 45 min, and there’s a different singer for every set. Music ranges from Chinese ballads to popular rock. A good place to waste away time when you are bored in Shenzhen.

British Izakaya 事外英式居酒屋(中心城店)
Tel : 0755-82767697

Date Visited : Sep 2017

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