Michelin Beijing 2020

It has finally arrived – the Michelin Guide to the Greatest Capital in the World. The Michelin Guide for Beijing was announced on 28 Nov in the middle of hardest crackdown on corruption and extravagance, I wonder if its a good news to those on the list.

During the start of the crackdown, a lot of high-end restaurants were left hanging, seeing their attendance dropped to 40% in most evenings. Many closed down or repackaged themselves to go down to mid-market.

And with the cut in expenses and fear of being associated with exorbitant dinners and entertainments, it was the death knell for the high-end restaurants in Beijing.

The list is unique in the sense that there are very few Western style restaurants. which confirmed my observation – Beijing is not the place for gourmet Western dining. There are some which are expected like Family Li Imperial Cuisine, Da Dong and King’s Joy, and then there are the controversial ones like Lei Garden and Xin Rong Ji. The Michelin guide has become a Chain Restaurant tasting guide with very little variety and surprises.

Here’s the inaugural list for Beijing 2020.

3 Michelin stars: Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey
Xin Rong Ji (Xinyuan South Road) 新荣记 (新源南路)

2 Michelin stars: Excellent cooking, worth a detour
King’s Joy 京兆尹
Wulixiang Shanghai Cuisine 屋里厢

1 Michelin Star: A very good restaurant in its category
Cai Yi Xuan 采逸轩
Cui Hua Lou 萃华楼
Da Dong (Gongti East Road) 大董 (工体东路)
Da Dong (Dongsi Shitiao) 大董 (东四十条).
Family Li Imperial Cuisine (Xisheng) 厉家菜 (西城)
Fu Chun Ju 富春居
Huaiyang Fu 淮扬府
Il Ristorante – Niko Romito
In Love (Gongti East Road) 湘爱 (工体东路)
Jing Yaa Tang 京雅堂
Lao Ji Tang 老吉堂
Lei Garden (Jinbao Tower) 丽苑 (金宝大厦)
Poetry.Wine 拾久
Seventh Son 家全七福
Sheng Yong Xing 晟永兴 (朝阳)
The Beijing Kitchen 北京厨房
The Georg
Xin Rong Ji (Jianguomenwai Dajie) 新荣记 (建国门外大街)
Xin Rong Ji (Jinrong Dajie) 新荣记 (金融大街)

Bib Gourmand selection
Baodu Jinshenglong 爆肚金生隆 (Beijing-style boiled tripe)
Baoyuan 宝源 (dumplings)
Beixinqiao Luzhu 北新桥卤煮 (pork offal stew)
Gong De Lin 功德林 (vegetarian)
Jing Yi 静一 (Hubei cuisine)
Keaami (Thai cuisine)
Chaishi Fengwei Zhai 柴氏风味斋(海淀)(beef noodle soup)
Liu Quan Ju 柳泉居 (Shandong cuisine)
69 Fangzhuanchang Zhajiang Noodles 方砖厂69号炸酱面 (Beijing-style zhajiang noodles)
Rong Cuisine 荣小馆(百子湾南二路)(Zhejiang cuisine)
The Red Chamber 红馆 (Peking Duck)
Tianchumiaoxiang Vegetarian Restaurant 天厨妙香素食(朝阳)(vegetarian)
Xi Yuan Ju 玺源居(前门大街)(Beijing-style hot pot)
Yinsan Douzhi 尹三豆汁 (Beijing-style fermented mung bean “juice”)
Yu Hua Tai 玉华台(西城)(Huaiyang cuisine)

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