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Takano Fruit Parlor @ Shinjuku

When you have a successful fruit retail business for over a hundred years, what do you do next? Open a fruit parlour to serve those delicious fruits.

Shinjuku Takano started in 1885 at the same time as Shinjuku Station. Shinjuku Takano specializes in fruits and has a history of persistent commitment to fruits. This fruit specialty shop has grown along with Shinjuku from its early days constantly providing its customers with the best tasting and highest quality (and extremely expensive) fruits.

Fruit sandwich

Fruits with whipped cream served between two slices of soft bread. Served with a side of fruit yoghurt.

Strawberry galore

This was the perfect season for strawberry. Here’s all the possible ways to enjoy them.

Melon parfait

Melon was the fruit that Takano was famous for. Those extremely sweet and juicy melons, always perfect in ripeness, can now be enjoyed all year round thanks to Takano and their investment in greenhouses and collaborations with local farmers. Of course that raised the prices. A Takano melon would be at least 3~10x more expensive than your farmed Australian rock melon, and 50x more than your Hami melon. That’s why they are so tightlipped about how they do it.

The monopoly will be broken soon. I had tasted some melons from China that used that same technique. While not as fragrant, the price was only a fraction of what Takano charged. Stay tuned.

Takano Fruit Parlor & Fruit Bar
〒160-0022 3-26-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Tel : 03-5368-5147

Date Visited : Nov 2019

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