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Long Beach @ Dempsey

In the cutthroat competition between seafood royalties of Singapore, everyone claims to be something. OK, Long Beach is the inventor of the Black Pepper Crab in Singapore.

It all started at Bedok Rest House (1946), where Long Beach Seafood was then one of the few restaurants that served local food along Old Changi Road. Along with Palm Beach, Keng Luck and Red House, they were the stalwarts that established Singapore as a centre for seafood, right after Hong Kong.

Since the government reclaimed the beachfront to form the ECP, the restaurants moved to UDMC Seafood Centre. Their second generations expanded their outlets, and Long Beach became one of the more successful chain, serving value-for-money seafood for all. Long Beach @ Dempsey is one of the most popular in the Long Beach franchise. So it was a popular choice for my corporate dinners.

Deep fried squid

Deep fried squid

Call it deep fried calamari and you charge twice the money 🙂 These were very popular as a starter to start beer flowing.

Shrimp popcorn with garlic

Shrimp popcorn with garlic

Another favourite to down the beers.

Steamed bamboo clams with vermicelli and garlic

Steamed bamboo clams with vermicelli and garlic

Bamboo clams or razor clams (if smaller) became popular in the 90s because the Chinese name sounded like “Imperial Edict”. But it can be quite tricky to cook as they quick very quickly and become chewy if so. I had many sad encounters at other seafood restaurants. Long Beach has perfected this dish, and this time it was very well executed as well.

Peking duck skin in egg crepe

Peking duck

This is Singapore’s version of Peking duck, only the skin was served.

Steamed Sultan fish in Superior Soy Sauce

Steamed Sultan fish in Superior Soy Sauce

The Sultan fish, also known as ‘Mad Barb’, ‘Hoven’s Carp’ or Jelawat in Malay, and Leptobarbus Hoevenii by its scientific name, is a native freshwater species found in the rivers of Malaysia, Thailand and Laos. Very popular during the 1970s and ’80s especially in Chinese restaurants, the fish ironically still does not have a Chinese name. It is believed to have been named ‘Sultan fish’ because it was served only to the sultans and royals, and the flesh is supposed to be very fine and sweet. The fish is an omnivore and it is said that its unique sweetness comes from the fact that it eats the fruit that falls into the river.

I forgot to take a picture of the whole fish. The waitress showed us the fish and then proceeded to divide it for each one at the table. The fish lived up to that reputation of sweetness and fine despite being a freshwater fish. Definitely will order this again.

Roasted crispy skin spring chicken

Roasted crispy skin spring chicken

It was old school cooking, the skin was salty and crispy and the flesh was tender and juicy. The chicken was marinated and then air dried before frying in hot oil. They don’t do this like this anywhere else anymore. That’s what make these kind of dinners magically. You are transported back to a simpler time, a simpler flavour.

Eight treasures vegetables

Eight treasures vegetables

Strange combination of greens – maiitake mushrooms, sweet peas, wood fungus, cashew nuts, broccoli, daylily, carrots, lily bulbs, all stir-fried in a simple garlic sauce.

Black pepper crab

Black pepper crab

The piece de resistance, the Long Beach Black Pepper Crab! This legendary dish was firstly created by a talented chef of Long Beach. Since then, black pepper crab has become a Long Beach’s signature dish and obtained the remarkable reputation amongst restaurants. As such, crabs are served up on your table with a perfectly coated layer of fragrant and delicious black pepper sauce, making the fresh and succulent flesh tastiest.

Signature chilli crab

Signature chilli crab

Long Beach’s chilli crab is granted to be the highest rank of seafood feast, especially for chilli – seafood lovers. The higher level of spiciness sets this restaurant apart from others. The gravy is an impeccable combination of spiciness, sweetness and saltiness, complementing perfectly with man tou. And how is the crab? Absolutely, it is the best of your dish with very juicy and fresh flesh.

Mango sago pudding

Mango sago pudding

The dessert was yummy – mango ice cream, fresh mango bits on mango pudding with mango cream and coconut cream with sago. It’s a nod to the famous Taiwanese Yongkang Street Mango Ice Shavings 永康街 芒果冰.

The Restaurant


Very popular these days with huge crowd on the weekends, remember to book ahead. The service was fantastic when we were there, and the price wasn’t ridiculous pricey.

They don’t have roasted suckling pigs, just for info. I tried to order, but they don’t have it.

Long Beach Seafood (Dempsey)
25 Dempsey Road (old CMPB), Singapore 249670
Tel : +65 6323 2222


Date Visited : Oct 2019

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