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Kko Kko Nara @ Jewel

Another trip, another dinner in the airport. This was just before a short holiday to China, we decided to have lunch before we board the plane. Princess picked the shop because of the cute looking chicken in the logo.

Jewel in the Changi Crown

꼬꼬나라 Kko Kko Na Ra

Specialising in KFC (Korean Fried Chicken, not the American fast food chain), Kko Kko Nara (meaning “cock” in Korean) is one of the pioneering restaurants to bring the Korean fried chicken trend to the sunny shores of Singapore. Unlike the usual fried chicken that you find in fast food chains, Kko Kko Nara’s KFC is crunchy, spicy and perfectly non-greasy. But today, it’s not about the fried chicken

Bulgogi Rice Set

The portion of the bulgogi beef was really small, but it came with a serving of banchan (side dishes) that can be replenished. It was the kimchi that was absolutely delicious – just the right amount of spice and saltiness.

dolsot bibimbap | hot stone pot bibimbap

dolsot bibimbap | hot stone pot bibimbap

The vegetable bibimbap (mixed rice) was served with a lukewarm dolsot (hot stone pot), quite disappointed as I liked the burnt rice at the bottom, so we would not get any. It was mixed with gochujang (spicy pepper sauce), but I had to ask for extra sauce.

bu chu jun | Korean leek and squid, vegetable, pancake

bu chu jun | Korean leek and squid, vegetable, pancake

The bu chu jun was crispy and filled with the scent from the scallions. Bits of squid can be tasted in the flat pancake, but it was the scallions that made up the flavours.

soon du bu jungol | spicy beancurd soup

soon du bu jungol | spicy beancurd soup

The soon du bu jungol was a watery affair with very mild (perhaps weak for some) taste of bean paste. Could pack more oomph.

Service was so-so and food so-so.

Kko Kko Nara (Jewel)
78 Airport Blvd, #02-243 Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666

KKO KKO NARA Chicken in Singapore

Date Visited : Dec 2019

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