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Sari Ratu @ Beach Road

I love Nasi Padang. And there are only a few in Singapore that can serve it authentically. Sari Ratu is one of the best, not cheap, but the best.

Nasi Padang is a Padang steamed rice served with various choices of pre-cooked dishes originated from Padang city, the capital of West Sumatra, Indonesia. Nasi Padang (Padang-style rice) is a miniature banquet of meats, fish, vegetables, and spicy sambals eaten with plain white rice, it is Sumatra’s most famous export and the Minangkabau’s great contribution to Indonesian cuisine.

Sticklers for tradition, Sari Ratu has got to be one of the more authentic places to get nasi padang in Singapore. Choices are aplenty at their main branch in Pahang Street so we don’t blame you for taking your time when ordering! All time favourites include the rendang, eggplant in chilli, grilled chicken, fried fish and also the delightful beef tendon curry.

Wonderful nasi padang

I ordered a wonderful plate of goodness that included their beef rendang, gulai ayam, tapioca leaves curry and petai with shrimps. Came with two different style of sambal, this was a comfort food at its best. The damage? SGD 19, yes, SGD 5 per meat or seafood dish, SGD 3 for vegetable and SGD 1 for the rice. Chilli was free 😉

But definitely the one of the best Nasi Padang in Singapore. Any more authentic, you have to fly there yourself.

Sari Ratu Nasi Padang
20 Pahang Street Singapore 198617
Tel : +65 6294 9983

Date Visited : Dec 2019

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