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Shanghai Home 花样年华 @ Shanghai

I am surprised I never wrote anything about Shanghai Home 上海人家. It was one of the first restaurants I was acquainted with the first time I went to Shanghai in 1996.

Over the years, it has grown from one restaurant in Jingan, to a chain with multiple locations. It went through the necessary growing pains – the standard dropped, others caught up, they lost clientele.

However, they managed to find their roots – Shanghai cuisine. They were good at it, they still are good at it. So with the menu settled, its about positioning and marketing.

老上海橙香蟹糊 crab roe in orange

As I was dining alone, it was really difficult to order anything substantial. Luckily, 老上海橙香蟹糊 crab roe in orange was available in a single portion. In a shelled-out orange, a generous helping of hairy crab roe was cooked in a heavy sauce. The orange reduced the richness of the crab in a good way, like how lemon makes seafood better. An excellent first course.

本帮糟钵斗 appetiser in wine marinate

Next up, 本帮糟钵斗 appetiser in wine marinate featured four appetisers soaked in wine lees – ribbon fish 带鱼, edamame, pig stomach and shrimps.


But it was the peanuts at the bottom that stole the show. There was a lot of it, and I packed it back for a TV snack later that evening.

腌笃鲜馄饨 wanton in rich stock

The main was 腌笃鲜馄饨 wanton in rich stock. 腌笃鲜 is a classic Shanghai soup that consists of salted pork, tofu skin, bamboo shoots cooked in Shanghai bakchoy and pig bone stock. Of course I could not finish a standard portion of the soup. Again luckily for me, it is now available as a single portion wanton soup base. The wantons were very generous too, a single large shrimp with pork per wanton. It was a meal in a bowl.

草头圈子 pig intestine with Caotou

草头圈子 pig intestine with Caotou is another Shanghai classic, but I was too full to enjoy it. It was made very well, with the thick, sweet and oily sauce typical of Shanghai cuisine.

Shanghai chic

With the crackdown on corruption, their marquee high-end brand 花样年华 In the Mood (named after the uberchic movie by Wong Ka Wai) took a hit.

Art decor

With its art decor interior, it was a very fine place to entertain. Food standard was back to where I remembered. But the addition of the bistro like noodle place next to this was an excellent touch.

Shanghai Home 上海人家 花样年华 (龙之梦店)
Tel: 021-33727676

Date Visited : Dec 2019

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