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Canopy Garden Dining @ Bishan

With the Covid-19 in full swing, we were looking for an airy location to have our weekly family lunch. We heard about the Bishan park eateries for their family-friendly location and ease of parking. So dining there sounded lovely.

Canopy is rated as an Instagrammable restaurant found in the middle of Bishan-AMK Park and they are pet-friendly too. Everybody mush be thinking the same as the place was really packed for lunch despite government recommendation to avoid crowded places. I guessed everyone was sick and tired of staying away from fellow human beings.

Canopy’s menus changes with the time of the day. In the morning, they offer the Brunch Menu, and when dusk approaches, they switch to the Dinner menu.

The Brunch Menu

The menu is a selection of healthy and hearty options of pasta, pizzas, sandwiches and wraps, smoothies, waffles and pancakes, etc. there’s something for everyone in the family.

Crabmeat Aglio Olio

Crabmeat Aglio Olio

crabmeat, linguine, garlic, fresh herbs, chilli, olive oil, corianders & spring onions 

This is one of their signature dish. The linguine was slightly softer, just nice for Asian tastes. The peppery, spicy aglio olio was nice, but the amount of crabmeat was too little.

 Avocado Wrap

Avocado Wrap

smoked salmon, avocado, scrambled eggs, alfalfa sprouts, bacon & roasted garlic aioli wrapped in a tortilla

The wrapped was nothing to shout about, smoked salmon and avocado smash put in a tortilla wrap instead of an open-faced sandwich. They should have included the tomato into the wrap but I guessed the juicy tomato may cause the wrap to become soggy, so the chef has left it out.

Español Bomba Rice

Español Bomba Rice

squid ink bomba rice, topped with sunny side up egg & mentaiko mayo, served with crispy fried chicken thigh

I waited almost an hour for this dish, it consisted of three totally unrelated parts – a squid ink rice, a sunny-side up egg which was slightly overcooked, and a chicken chop. They all did not work together. The squid ink rice was too dry. The egg has not taste. The chicken chop was too salty with that mysterious sauce.

We also ordered a banana & ice cream waffle for dessert. We have finished our mains (remember I waited for an hour) and we were still not served so we have to cancel it. The place was really chaotic. The servers were running all over the place. Usually a restauranteur will divide the place into sections and let each one be in charged of the sections, especially when they have an outdoor area for pet owners to have a meal with their flurry friends. I can see the servers moving in and out of the place, running around like headless chuks. However kudos to the team, they maintained their professionalism, and they maintained their cool, even when a lot of tables were flaring up.

The blame has to be in the kitchen. There were too many components in each dish. OK for a dinner setting, but for a quick turnaround lunch, they could have done more with less. Like the bombs rice, three totally unrelated components that waited for each other, and they all turned cold.

And just when I was about to leave after settling the bill, I saw the waffles. It was beautiful but again we didn’t have the chance to taste it because we were done waiting.

Canopy Garden Dining
1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 Bishan Park 2, 569931 (inside Bishan-AMK Park)
Tel : 6556 1533

Date Visited : Feb 2020

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