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Fei Kee Claypot Chicken Rice @ Beach Road

There are three claypot rice stores just within 100m radius of my office at the Concourse along Beach Road. Two of them have the pedigree of Lor 33 Geylang Claypot Rice. This one was the odd one out.


The cooking stoves are not big, so the biggest portion is for 3-4 persons. So if you have a big group, you may need to order two portions.

Double-boiled soup

Rice is cook from scratch. Chicken is juicy and tender. Chinese sausage were tasty although they only used the regular sausage and not the liver sausage. “Hay Bee” dried shrimps were deep fried and crispy which was unique in claypot rice. Cabbage, uniquely here too, is well cooked. As compared to the popular stall in Golden Mile Food Centre where one will have to put up with their poor attitude and service, this one has a very friendly boss and good service.

Besides the claypot rice, they also sell double-boiled soup. Usually two varieties are available – watercress pork ribs or salted vegetable duck soups. Both are equally tasty and good side dishes for the claypot rice.

The claypot chicken is located along Beach Road at Luk Lu eating house although the eating house was a bit of rundown. Call in advance to prepare the claypot if you have limited time for lunch.

Fei Kee Claypot Chicken Rice
341 Beach Rd, Singapore 199567
Tel : 8222 6360

Date Visited : Mar 2018

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