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Shirokiya 白木屋 @ CHIJmes

Located at Chijmes along Victoria Street, Shirokiya is an authentic Japanese restaurant that’s part of a chain with a strong presence in Asia. It offers Bishoku-Ryouri, a type of food that promotes good health and beauty from within.

The first Shirokiya branch opened in front of the south exit of Tokyo’s Nakano Station in 1983. Meaning “house of white wood,” Shirokiya is a chain that works hard to provide a quiet and relaxing environment for customers, frequently attracting female clientele for joshikai (girls’ nights).

Simple interior

The vibes of the restaurant feels authentically Japanese izakaya, wooden furniture with white hanging lanterns, the restaurant on a higher level with narrow walkway, reminding me of one of those at Ueno. Dining feels private, as tables are separated by dividers.

Marinade firefly squids
Bisyoku nabe

The Bisyoku Nabe is the highlight of its menu, a healthy and beauty hotpot served in special chicken and collagen stock. The pot comes with ingredients such as raw prawns, chicken parts, tofu, mushrooms, leeks and vegetables, suitable for 2-3 to share.

Collagen and grated mountain yam

The thrill of the collagen hotpot is to add this lump of white pudding-like collagen into the pot, watching it melt into the chicken stock. There is also a bowl of grated mountain yam to add in the middle of the meal.

Bisyoku nabe

The soup thickens with the addition of the grated mountain yam which further enhanced the soup.

Add-on pork belly

We just have to add another portion of pork belly as the stock was really tasty.

Zaru udon

Strangely, they didn’t have a side order of udon for the nabe so we had to order a zaru udonand put the udon into the nabe. 

Montezoma Group of company

Shirokiya is operated by Monteroza, Inc., which also owns the chains Uotami (魚民), Warawara (笑笑), Sennen no Utage (千年の宴) and Yamauchi Nojo (山内農場). Between all of its brands, a Monteroza izakaya can be found in every prefecture in Japan, as well as in Korea, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Shirokiya CHIJMES
30 Victoria Street #01-05/06, CHIJMES, Singapore 187996
Tel : 6337 5188

Date Visited : Oct 2016

Closed in 2019

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