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Once in a while, McDonald’s will come out with something special for the holiday seasons or cross-industry collaboration, like Minion Banana Pie 🙂 Here are some of the recent ones.

McFish and Fries (Aug 2020)

Launched in Aug 2020, this is the McD’s version of fish and chips. This was memorable because we just started Phase 2 of lockdown, and my first time in McD since then. They have reverted to table service, i.e. you order and they deliver the food to your table, to avoid crowding around the counter.

McFish and Fries

The fish is a big piece of the same fish used for Filet-O-Fish, it came with a tub of the same tartar sauce. While the fish is “cod” just like Filet-O-Fish, the crust is different from Filet-O-Fish. It is thicker, crunchier and resembles more of what Long John Silver offered. But I think McD’s tartar sauce was the killer. We used to be able to ask for tartar sauce for our fries. Then they came as satchet of tartar sauce which was so different, and then it totally disappeared from the choices. Anyway it was nostalgic for me, as I dipped the fries into the tartar sauce.

Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Burger (Jul 2018)

In celebration of the National celebration of Singapore, they came out with the Ha Ha Cheong Gai chicken burger promotion. This is the tzechar favourite prawn paste fried chicken 虾酱鸡.

And in addition to the chicken burger with the har jeong gai patty, it also comes with slices of cucumber. But still it is a McChicken. Also offered at the same promotion is the actual har jeong chicken drumbeats. These were delicious and should remain the menu.

Nasi Lemak Burger (Jul 2017)

But the most memorable of it all was the nasi lemak burger that was introduced as part of the National Day celebrations. It was a McChicken upgrade that included coconut flavour on the crust, with cucumbers and a fried egg and nasi lemak sambal as the sauce. Really sedap (delicious) and shiok (fulfilling). It caused such a craze that all limited portions were sold out in two weeks, way before the intended one month offer period. Also on offer was the Chendol McFlurry and Banana Pie.

They repeated the offer in 2019, with a much bigger volume this time round, but it was the original that was good. This was the burger that launched the annual National Day special that we look forward to from McDonald’s.

Can’t wait to see what they have to offer in 2021 after the lockdown.

What was your most memorable McSpecial that you would like McD to bring back? Leave a comment.

PS: Here’s something that was part of McDonald’s Singapore, but Japan. I ordered takeaway and was surprised to see how they have packed the fries for the winter months .

Special french fries packaging with Quarter Pounder meal

Last seen in Dec 2017

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